RESIDx performs various levels of valuation services to institutional lenders. We specialize with regional and community banks, credit unions, investors, asset managers and loan servicers. -References are available upon request.

By performing a hands-on objective audit informed by substantial data, RESIDx ensures accuracy and integrity to those who insist upon real value determination in order to mitigate risk.

A team of trained Analysts rely upon a proprietary auditing platform to review value within a very strict rules environment driven by appraisal based methodology.

Our reports assist Lenders in their efforts to comply with these guidelines where a certified USPAP Appraisal is not required. The Evaluation addresses the requirements stipulated by the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines.

We exclusively evaluate residential subjects including vacant parcels.

The RESIDx product suite offers everything from an immediate, unaudited sustainable value conclusion to a fully audited service which includes interior inspection.

Our pricing strategy builds upon the audit service. All additional value added features are priced to contain the cost of diligence offering them at our acquisition cost.

RESIDx acquires data from multiple private resources including our national network of Market Specialists. We also research and gather abundant data from the public domain.

RESIDx performs site inspections to obtain an eyewitness account of property condition. Services are performed as exterior front, exterior walk around and full inspection including interior.

RESIDx delivers inspections in the most challenging geographies by partnering with highly qualified Market Specialists. Our proven track record in rural America is exemplary.

We offer national coverage performed by carefully chosen, continuously vetted, dedicated, local Market Specialists, Appraisers, Realtors, Property Managers and Inspectors.

Depending upon the level of service, reports are normally delivered between 2 and 7 days.

RESIDx offers a secure, encrypted application programming interface (API) that permits equally equipped organizations to perform system to system data exchange.


Residx offers a secure, encrypted application programming interface.

Integrating our platform

The Residx API opens up many possibilities for integrating our platform with yours or other third party platforms.

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