Many lenders rely upon RESIDx's compliant, diligent, audited valuation services to cautiously manage today's ever changing real estate market demands.


Trained Analysts rely upon RESIDx's multi-tiered, appraisal-based approach supported by independently gathered data to reconcile conclusive findings.


RESIDx's vetted network of competent professionals who capture current property condition further informs and substantiates value determination.

RESIDx reports contain ample intelligent data presented in a clear & unambiguous format.

Leading Products

Data enriched, audited Fair Market Value report including a real time property inspection, photo evidence and neighborhood characteristics.

  5 Pages Report  |    5 Days
Data enriched, factual Fair Market Value report audited by a professional Analyst.

 2 Pages Report  |    1 Day
Objective reconciliation of suspect valuations consolidated with independently acquired data and documented with auditor's notes.

  3 Pages Report  |    2 Days
Real time property inspection including photo evidence, subject condition and neighborhood characteristics.

  4 Pages Report  |    5 Days